The Virtual World of H. P. Lovecraft
an ongoing mapping of Lovecraft's imaginary New England

"New England bore you, and into your soul she poured
a liquid loveliness which cannot die. This loveliness,
moulded, crystallised, and polished by years of memory
and dreaming, is your terraced wonder of elusive sunsets;
and to find that marble parapet with curious urns and
carven rail, and descend at last these endless balustraded
steps to the city of broad squares and prismatic fountains,
you need only to turn back to the thoughts and visions
of your wistful boyhood." -- The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath

Arkham and Vicinity (Miskatonic Valley)


Aylesbury and Vicinity


Boston, Massachusetts


Danvers, Massachusetts

Dean's Corners and Vicnity

Dedham, Massachusetts

Dunwich and Vicinity

Innsmouth and Vicinity

Kingsport and Vicinity

Marblehead, Massachusetts

Newport, Rhode Island

Newburyport and Vicinity

Patucket Falls

Pawtuxet Valley, Rhode Island

Portland, Maine


Providence, Rhode Island


Salem, Massachusetts

Wild Domed Hills of Vermont

Wrentham, Massachusetts